Get that fresh natural GLOW — the basics to achieve great skin.

If you’ve tried it all and you’re tired of reading lies on lies on lies on how to attain perfect skin goal, stop here. But first, memorize : Have a ROUTINE. Clean, Hydrate from within. And (if you eat a lot of sugar) SWEAT IT OUT. Now remember, WATER Spray and MANGO Butter cream are your new BFFs.

To be clear, I am absolutely NOT the natural perfect skin type of girl and I never really thought about all these beauty stuffs until I seriously started to resent make up on a daily basis.

The thing is, I grew tired of the products routine, plus the stains on my clothes (…) and my friends’ when I get lost in PDAs (!), which often put me in very embarrassing situations. Not that going bare doesn’t involve a routine, but now — the difference is the last wipe I use at night is to reveal my better self instead of cleaning the ephemere appearance of it. Got it?

Amongst all the must-haves of my flawless skin friends, I found the common denominator to be…Water. No. kidding. I mean, it’s like, all those things we know deep down we have to do to improve, but still don’t and complain about not getting no results. Well, the formula is simple. Micellar, sprayable, drinkable. In pursuit of an instagrammable fresh-of-the-bed face, I made water my base for everything inside and out. And I swear, I T  W O R K S.

It’s known and scientifically proven that black women have more problems with dry skin, as melanin-rich skin does not retain as much water as others. Then applying oil on your face when it actually needs hydration is like feeding someone who’s thirsty (heard that somewhere, but it makes sense). It doesn’t solve the problem. Yet, once hydrated, you might now want to nourish it, and here’s my way to go.

As day cream, I started using Cicalfate from Avene few months ago (repairs, heals irritations and fights bacterias), and I know how weird it may sounds (or not), but it really brings so much peace to my face (!). Only negative point is the texture, that can be a little heavy for summertime. Yet my top discovery this year, and by far the best for dry and sensitive skin, is the regenerating Mango butter night balm from Ametis.

It. doesn’t. get. better. than. this.

Where Cicalfate only focuses on top part of your epiderm (which is okay I guess for 12 hours), Mango B (yeah, I gave it a nickname) goes deeper in layers. Paired with shea butter and coral algae, the balm balances your skin reducing the excessive water loss with a cloudy texture which makes it easy to sleep on.

Now the good news is both are not expensive ; you can get both products online (€15 for the Avene and €36 for the night balm). As nothing happens overnight, I would advise to try the combo for a week and see for yourself. You’ll thank me later.

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